just how i like it

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jacket: rick owens
shirt: golden goose
ring: made her think
booties: fendi
bag: proenza schouler
jeans: topshop

It's really cold here and I really want an outfit like this. I'll probably wear tights under the jeans because I don't really want to freeze my legs off.


leflassh. said...

i love it.
my kind of outfit.
i was wearing something very similar today.
but i had a leather jacket on.
and i actually wore my ripped jeans the other day with tights under. way too cold. x

Jenny Cindy said...

I love the super destroyed jeans..I was thinking about a DIY but I don't really have a spare pair I could do this to =P. So I might as well buy an already ripped pair ;). I love the combination of those jeans with the sky-high booties for glamour and the tartan shirt for a grunge touch...very lovely!

Barbro said...

TopShop <3

Kristen said...

I really want a ripped up pair of black jeans.. I may give a DIY a try..

Everyone loves fashion said...

tootally perfect! if only i could wear those shoes!

Hettie Brooks said...

great collection. LOVE the shoes, neeeed them!


harry said...

this is a knightcat wannabe blog with little originality

La Dauphine said...

Love these!