the veronicas

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I used to love them but kind of forgot about them for awhile... until recently.
found some pics of them on tfs.
I really like Jess's (the blonde) outfit in this picture.
Love the gold details and jewelry on an all black outfit.

Source: tfs


oriwa said...

Hate to admit but most people already know I have a BIG soft spot for pop music. So naturally, I dig the Veronicas.

Plus they're Australian!
Their faces look so pretty and matte!


natasha said...

Argggg I immensely dislike these girls are everything they produce! Although, I agree the outfits are awesome. X

natasha said...


Phoebe Rose said...

musically, they're not my cup of tea. But I'm lovin these outfits, especailly the ripped jeans!

Everyone loves fashion said...

i love sisters' style!

tastythreads said...

awesome! great band. great style.