the girl nails it all the time

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Yeah I'm jealous of her kickass custom-made python boots but I'm also REALLY jealous that she has not one but two of those YSL rings.

4th and Bleeker


somedaynewyorker said...

Those boots are amazing.

leflassh. said...

can i be please be as cool as her? seriously shes actual amazing. whatever she's got on.
le sigh.


i know can't believe she has 2! grrrr she is dope!

i also can't believe you are not in our blogroll will be adding you right NOW sorry for not doing this sooner cause you blog is rad to the extreme!

Maginique said...

omygod, the rings are amazing!
I'm also jealous that she has 2 rings, and i've none. You have a great blog!


Checks and Spots said...

Drats. Now I have a serious case of boot envy!
Super find...

sanna said...

she know how

thatsorad said...!..... so rad

WildFlower said...

yeh i just came from her blog and was admiring her incredible pics! hey im also loving the writing on the wedges in the last considering buying these amazing wedges ut didnt like the big wood piece so maybe if i go crazy on them?? hmm cheers for the inspo!

thesydneygirl said...

i must agree!