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Dazed & Confused February 2010

The shape of these Viktor & Rolf dresses are just incredible.
It's hard to believe all these unique shapes were made of tulle.
The red one reminds me of an apple that got bitten and had a worm go through it.

Source: fashiongonerogue


Lauren said...

The shapes are truly amazing!

-Lauren xx

Maya said...




race you to the bedroom said...

amazing! and such a great photo series..!

Anonymous said...

I almost cried when saw these. They are breathtaking.

NBeteck said...

the title and this pics are great! lovely dresses.

confessions of a marc addict. said...

this is honestly the best editorial i've seen in a long time.

SummerTeeth said...

just AWESOME. awe-inspiring. do you think they saw through all that tulle with a lazer? how is it done? so awesome.

Myrthe said...

I love them!

♥ agirlcandream-myrthe.blogspot.com ♥

banana with a rose gene said...

the dresses are m a g i c a l and the photoshoot is absolutely stunning. love shot with the r e d one

Fashion Chalet said...

Not sure I would ever wear them but I love the creativity and they look so darn good on camera, too!


Shandi said...

I love tulle already, reminds me of children and love...but this is so beautiful and I am always crushing on fashion/art.


Mademoiselle Chic blog said...

super creative!
i love the one where you could see her pumps!

Lola said...

If I was this model, I would be PISSED about that second shot!

"What the hell was that! I was so not ready!"

If I was the editor I never, ever would have chosen that one! The model's expression and hair might have worked someplace else with different styling, but here it really doesn't go with the drama of the dresses. Bad call.

Tastes Eclectic Fashion said...

These are amazing.

le pearl said...

These are very creative!