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If you want to help out with supporting the people in Haiti after the earthquake,
I've made a link so you can donate to the American Red Cross.
The donation can be made through your credit card and the minimum donation they take is only $10.
It's definitely worth it.

So why not give a helping hand?


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I just donated some money to the red cross today! I love your blog! So many beautiful editorials I haven't seen yet! xoxoxoxo

MB_ said...

I made a link on my blog to your message, I think everybody should do it!! Good idea.

The fashion satellite

leflassh. said...

good idea hun.

ALIOMI said...

i'm so glad you posted this because honestly it's refreshing to see that the fashion world has a humanitarian conscience.

i posted a gadget on my blog when it happened--went with UNICEF because the red cross controversies in the past but they're all going to good causes! kudos to you


LHFC said...

definately worth it. thoughtful and beautiful post xx

race you to the bedroom said...

I've been thinking about posting something to make more people think of Haiti, and now I've "re-posted" yours! hope everybody does that..

Online Shopping Stores said...

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Sasha b. said...

This is awesome that you're helping. I love helping in any way possible, it really makes you feel like a better person :)

xoxo black n gold a la mode

COCAMIA said...

Its great that you have given people an easy way to donate through your blog!