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Mary-Kate Olsen
She wears so much black these days
and she does it so well.

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Stace said...

Black never goes outta fashion.
Always a great statement to make.

Especially in Melbourne!

Stace x

daisy kate said...

I think it works so well because of all the different dimensions and textures she plays with. Black will always dominate my wardrobe. If you get a spare minute, check out my blog at :) Thanks!

Nat said...

You kidding me?!
MK shall indeed not wear black.. It's her thing to wear the unwearable and make it wearable, gitting it? You see, these day MK is soo out of fashion, that is even possible.. She has no style anymore, it's gone!
Well, I'm not blaming her though, since she had it all taken away from her.. Her lifestyle! And she's now ever so ashamed of her own body, and that's why she wear black, because black has this diminishing quality, which in English means .. It make's the person in guestion look a whole lot thinner! And that is MK's fĂșlly point in wearing black!!!

The Style Revolution said...

I love her boots!

Anonymous said...

love her booties!

rhai♥laborte said...

I love her bag!! Oh MK!!!