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Chloe Sevigny
Elle UK April 2010

Seriously.. She's so awesome.

Source: tfs


Fashion Tadpole said...

agreed she is awesome!


bravegrrl said...

wow, i love this layout.... as much as the cover

yes, she is sooooooooo awesome and so are all the clothes and shoes shes wearing


Rich Girls. said...

this is amazing.
totally in love with the styling, the layout/s, her!
i might have to pick a copy up for myself.


Christine said...

While I actually don't find her very attractive, I will admit that she is a very good model and I really enjoy her editorials.

And it's also quite nice to see a healthy, normal-sized girl instead of skeletons all the time. I mean, look! Her upper thighs are actually larger than her knees! *Gasp*

Kiyo said...

I'm so tempted to buy this issue...! Such a lovely editorial.

ASH said...

I love her!! She looks great in each shot and her poses and style in this editorial are impeccable.

anne said...

This editorial is lovely! I love how they used the lyrics, and how well they go with the looks she's wearing. I want all of those shoes used here, basically.

Lenka James said...

Cool editorial...The pictures are great and the editing is nice

Snackapeek. said...

She is gorgeous! Her style is impecable!

fashion prose said...

i think i've finally been won over by platform clogs.


Adri said...

such a fun editorial, and Chole just looks stunning in each shot