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Kate Moss

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the fact that you post pictures of Kate Moss, thank you!
Not so many of her around these days. I still have not lost my love affair with Kate's beautiful creations after 10 years!!
Her style epitomizes natural flair - what a woman!

Irene Colzi said...

Amazing beautiful!

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Fashion Chalet said...

That fluffy vest is Salsa dancing ready! ♥


Lenka James said...

I really like her style, she stayed true to her self and thats what I like about her style

stacey kelly said...

love her so much!!!


fall in love with a shooting star...

Anonymous said...

she looks rich and famous! i wish i was her...

Joyce said...

i love her leggings/pants! her outfit is so great here - wild and daring but not too over the top!