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Alexa Chung
in NYC

Source: tfs


Clara said...

I NEED that leopard mulberry...so glad i've been holding off.

And she looks awesome as always!*saves image to ever increasing alexa archives*

Joyce said...

love ittttt. and that leopard mulberry bag makes this outfit!

Kat said...

that bag is to die for!


LUU H. said...

omg, ilove the bag and her !

Oh Dear Charlotte said...

soooo sold out :(


anne said...

Why does she always look amazing? That bag is the best!

hopefulheart said...

she always looks so effortlessly put together its redonkulous.

jp xx

Stephanie said...

omgod her leopard mulberry: she makes it look sooo effortless! amazing! xx

Anonymous said...

Alexa Chung is indeed beautiful, and she looks effortlessly good in everything she puts on. BUT what she wearing, is never innovative or daring... she wears exactly what every girl on the street wears. I guess thats why shes so popular .