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Hanneli Mustaparta
I love what she's wearing here.

Source: Mr.Newton


bravegrrl said...

yes, i love hanneli and this outfit is extra special :)


Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

what is that texture?
it is divine.

Margaret said...

gah - her legs are so insanely long!

Liz said...

Very sweet. Great ensemble. I love how her brown belt and color of bag brightens the outfit.

Isabella said...

Love Hannleli, she has such good style

anne said...

Wow she has such an intriguing face! I love her bag and those pants.

Afrodite said...

Hanneli looks great in everything !!! love her style

xoxo Afrodite

The Grand Social Blog said...

Love love Love Hanneli!
Great blog!