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Photography by William Eadon


Esther said...

fun :) reminds me of alice in wonderland

Clare said...

Love these, it's like Honey I shrunk the kids:)

I've just launched a giveaway on my blog to win Laura Mackness for Weekday and Benefit treats if you're interested!

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pixelhazard said...

lov the second pic, nom nom nom

hopefulheart said...

ha! love love this! and love that you can see it's just a taped down pink mat. wonderful!

jp xx

SnackaPeek said...

Uhhh!I love this post. The concept of giant sweets is always fun. Nice floral pint. Please don't forget to stop by too :))
Lol Gala

dani said...

love the colors of this shoot
georgeous post as always

♥ oi! said...

man, i'd look way happier if i had a giant ice-cream!

anne said...

heehee, these are marvellous!