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Eniko Mihalik
Industrie #1

Source: tfs


Lauren said...

breathtaking. xx

marie said...

crazy; if I could, I would totally wear any of these pieces! <3

Mariel said...

These are just cool.

Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

Is it just me or do the chain-links look like eyes and bones?
so freaking incredible!

Emily said...

these photographs are amazingg. I am inlove

D├ęsordre said...

i want that linked top. love a bit of metal!


Irene Colzi said...


♥ Irene's Closet♥

Miranda said...

wow amazing!! how i would love to have clothes in this material :D

love to follow your blog, you have a great taste to choose photo shoots to share with your daily readers :)

i would love to have you among my followers too!

love from Portugal,

rouli said...

amazin post here!!!!!!!

great blog u have!!!!!!

pls come visit and join!!!!!!!!


kelly frances said...

i love these photos! i've wanted to get my hands on an industrie magazine!!


Fashion Chalet said...

I'm in Miami this week. Long road trip. :) It's hard keeping up with the blog reading but will do when I'm back home! <3


Miss M said...

soooo sick, love it!
Miss M

Tina said...

i so fell in love with her!
shes stunningly amazing.
anybody knows if the ear piercing is real? have never seen her with that..

lots of love

Diogo Sc said...