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Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
This is too cute!

Source: just because i should


Luci Ana said...

they're cute!

therawpower said...


I have discovered your blog recently and I really really LIKE it.

Definitely goes to my daily reading list.

Hope you can keep it up !!

I have recently started my own blog, hope you would drop by and feel free to leave some message.



Mary-Kate Olsen Daily said...

I love it!
I want MKs rings!

simple et chic said...

so sweet i love the twin :)

Tanya said...

there little ears are too cute! they're absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing x

Sarah said...

aaah these are just adorable!! xxx

Marie said...

They are so beautiful!

Binta said...

Everything these two do is effortless yet stunning.

XOXO said...

This is so cute- i love them!

I recently discovered your blog and love it!
feel free to check mine out:

xoxo, Katie Q.

Jehh said...

I grew up on Mary Kate and Ashely everything. They look so adorable here!

Luna Love said...

love the head bands.
soo adorable.


Natalie said...

this is adorable! i love their huge eyes :)

Fashion Chalet said...

I saw these on Little Plastic Horses a few days ago, too cute!! :)


Sarah said...

uuargh, ugly fingers!

bri. said...

some of my fave fave favessss of the twinsies. don't you agree that it has been a bit harder to tell them apart these days??
xo, D E S I G N L O V E F E S T