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I feel like I've seen her somewhere... a model maybe..
Anyone know who she might be?

Source: thecobrasnake

Edit: Her name is Anna Brewster and she is a British actress & model.
Thanks for the help lovelies <3


Victoria said...

she was an actress in the uk drama 'nearly famous' and i think she's modelled for topshop before. hope that helps ;)

Rchliey said...

nice bennie

Anonymous said...

anna brewster. she was on nearly famous and the tudors. love her style! nice find


Coco and Zaahb said...

I've been on the search for the perfect beanie for sometime now, I love them


Yevgeniya Yelkina & Peter Stevens said...

sooo beautiful!!!


Juliet said...

She has lovely coat!

juliet xxx

Leigh said...

she does look like a model! i love this look :)


simple et chic said...

brown hair and white whool beanie is looooveee


WC said...

she kind of looks like... every other grunge fashionite or model ever

BlueVanilla said...

Shes gorgeous...her beenie is almost unexpected.


Kate Florence said...

Her name is Anna Brewster, shes an actress and was in 'The Tudors' and other things, she also is a model too- shes in the recent Hermes campaign 'I love my scarf'

Alex Ingram said...

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Oracle Fox said...

Super Cute! I saw her in the Hermes campaign, she's really beautiful! I want a better look at that ring, it looks really interesting!



Amandamarie said...

whoever she is she has great rings!


Fashion Chalet said...

I dunno, but that's the hair colour I wanna tackle next.. something between this and Christine Centennera's!!


Natalie said...

im sure she is a model! so pretty! and i love her style :)


Pink said...

i heart her fur jacket!!!

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istarblog said...

such awesome post..:)

finkalixius said...

great post..really love it

Republika said...

Fantastic jacket!

Anonymous said...

I need this jacket!!! Help anyone ... ??