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Alexa Chung
in Valentino Couture


Jenny said...

Alexa AND Valentino! It does not get better!

The Velvet Bow said...

Jawdroppingly amazing!

Materialistic Chronicles said...

perfect in every way. i love how she takes such a classic label and reinvents it. amazing to say the very least

Ieva UkanytÄ— said...

looks lovely!

Nina Maya said...

amaazing! love the shoes
qunitessentially Chung

Elle said...

I like the Valentino dress and the Chanel boots, but in Alexa... mmm, no much.

Nicole said...

oh the legs!

Pink said...

woww shes super cute!

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Anonymous said...

skeleton in valentino :/

Silkybow said...

The dress is so fabulous!!! <3

dishly said...

it's very cute
but i think she looks like a bit of a wedding cake :s
food for thought tho.
sorry..i mean, i like the high collar, with the bow, and the print, and the idea of it, but's so wedding cake :( i wish i could like it

Rebecca said...

Beautiful. <Enough said x

bravegrrl said...

love it! so sweet!

sammi burley (chase.dakota) said...

Alexa looks so cute... not a big fan of the shoes tho


Fashion Chalet said...


sigh! I love the pastel print dress (but not a fan of the shoes..)


Anonymous said...

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Micaela said...

She can wear anything!

Contempo Ingenue said...

Most people would be drowning in this but she just looks stunning!



Anonymous said...

Too adorable!

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Giuli K said...

I die for those shoes! Alexais stunning!