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Ashley Smith
Numero #118

Source: tfs


La Petite Marmoset said...

That last dress is breathtaking!


Anonymous said...

I'm actually having doubts about this one. They should have done something different with her hair, it just sits there while everything else shines.


Anonymous said...

kinda reminds me of Michelle Pfiffer in scarface

Anonymous said...

I dont mind gaps but her gap is just unnatractive. I liek the rest of the shoot though.

Anonymous said...

what's going on with her gab?? it's huge!


White is so lovely in frock form :)


Royal said...

i have to agree with anon, The gap is alittle too big for me. I dig a cute gap but this is too much.

Isabella said...

Mahoosive gap!
But I'm loving the clothing <3

Tastes Eclectic Fashion said...

I don't know how I feel about her. I wish she would close her mouth. It seems like every time I see her in a spread her mouth is open. I get that gaps are "in" but that doesn't mean it needs to be shown in every single photo. I think these would be more effective if she had closed her mouth in, at least, some of the photos.

THE CRAFT said...

Loving these photos. she looks beaut!

The Craft

Julie said...

She is gorggg. I absolutely love her gap.


**OnYxStA** said...

im not a fan of the new look of models...i want the industry to go back to the brazilian phenomenon


e. said...

First I thought, ehw. because i´m reaaaaly pissed off everyone is showing their gabs now.
But at the second time looking at this I thought it´s beautiful because it shows her uglyness, to be ugly in an very mystical and strange way is natural and I really love pictures + people showing this.