Planet Blue lookbook

Ashley and Crystal took full creative control of this lookbook and the results are amazing!
Sugary and sweet.


Emilie said...

Love these photos!

Anonymous said...

Krystal and Ashley are SO hot together!

Vasilieva said...


SAMANTHA said...

Yum. I love these looks, these ladies and their blogs :)


mirjam schuurkamp! said...

i love this pictures!(L)
So fun to see
ns so fashion!

i have a new post

XO model from holland
everyday a new post

Callahan Brooks said...

i love their blog have amazing styling talent! x

Jessie said...

great editorials. not surprised though from planet blue. always fabulous from them.

Eva said...

Oh my god the colors are almost too much! The rich purples are really pretty. Thanks for the tip to their blog!

Raquel said...

So drop dead sexy! You spelled krystals name wrong btw.

Linda said...

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