(Gorgeous Frida in some of the Style by Marina pieces)

It's time for another giveaway!

This time I've teamed up with the lovely folks at Style by Marina to giveaway a $100
voucher to spend at Style by Marina! They've got a lot of pretty blouses, soft dresses
and many of their pieces can be easily integrated into any wardrobe so there's definitely
a lot to choose from.

As always entering is easy. In the comment section below, let me know what your
favourite Style by Marina piece is with your name and email address.
The giveaway is open to all international readers and will be open for 2 weeks until 11th of May 8pm AEST.

One entry per email address and the winner will be chosen randomly, so GOOD LUCK!!

Also, if you haven't noticed yet Zahara Mai is offering a massive 30% discount for
Studded Hearts readers so go check it out! There's still 3 days left.



MP said...

it was super hard to chose but the CANDY COLOR MAXI SKIRT is something i'd love to see in my closet. something colorful and maxi is essential for spring/summer!

Monica Pak

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

I'm in love with this jupsuit! too bad it's out of stock!


fashion illustrations at ILLUSTRATED-MOODBOARD


yukiko said...

I really like the belted shorts
it's a nice piece that will go well with a sheer shirt and brogues. A nice casual look for summer : ) xx

Laura said...

I love this chiffon jacket:

great giveaway!


Anonymous said...

love the white shirt in the last picture!

Visala said...

It's really hard to choose...since lots of them are really good!

My final choice is the Rol-up sleeves blazer

love how the yellow brings out a bit of contrast on the white blazer, especially this spring and summer is all about white!

whereas the pink blazer goes well with people who loves to wear black! Simple tshirt with jeans match the blazer as well!


Vivian Nguyen said...

My favourite Style by Maria piece is definitely that black asymmetrical skirt. GORGEOUS and a great addition to any wardrobe!!

Name: Vivian Nguyen

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the Tayler bandage leggings.

Melissa said...

I've been looking for a maxi skirt and this one looks perfect


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with MP the candy colour maxi skirt is a must. Love it

I'm Mills, you can get hold of me here:

rawr rawr said...

The nicest piece in the collection is definitely the ballerina skirt in pink! It is gorgeous!


Sonya said...

I absolutely LOVE these pants.

Anonymous said...

Super Silky Trench Coat..

blanca b said...

I would say the tayler bandage leggings are gorgeous! definitely! can make any look really outstand!

Marla Horenbein said...

I love this maxi dress! Perfect for work, a day in the park, or a bbq in the backyard. Must have for sumer :)

xx Marla

Suz said...


my favourite is the versatile shirt dress


Areta ☁ Szpura said...


and of course the amazing versatile shirt dress!


Britt+Whit said...

oooh nice! I am in love with this denim shirt



Annelise said...

My favourite is the lace collar blouse - I would add a contrast with a black velvet ribbon!

Annelise xo

Anonymous said...

The roll-up sleeves blazer is crazy amazing. i love the yellow on white.


Jen said...

I love this jacket!


Anonymous said...

There are so many pieces to chose from! Gah.. But I think I found one that could take the tittle 'my favourite piece from Style by Marina';
The Silky Trench Coat.

Anonymous said...

There are so many pieces to chose from! Gah.. But I think I found one that could take the tittle 'my favourite piece from Style by Marina';
The Silky Trench Coat.

(sent the last comment from this e-mail before it was finished - sorry).

Ida Marthine said...

My favorite piece is the sheer maxi skirt in beige grey!

Anonymous said...

I love this blouse. :)

name: Hadise

Kimberly said...

love the tailored short so adorable!


giveaway on my blog!

kerija said...


Love the white blouse and black trousers!

Kerija Ozolina-Ozola

pigeon.toed said...

the scallop-edged top is my favorite.


andrea89 said...

I like Shoulder-strap jersey dress

morningcupcakes said...

I love the lace layered shorts! :)


Abi said...

Oooh wow there is so much amzing stuff on this site, it's really hard to choose a favourite, but this crocheted dress is GORGEOUS

Mrs. C said...

I LOVE the Back Open Trenched Dress...super sexy!! But so many amazing options to pick from!!!
Recipes Fashion Marriage

christihippekip said...

I really like the Tayler bandage leggings
christi _ jacoba at hotmail dot com

Miki said...

i would love to have the candy color maxi skirt on's so prety..


Anonymous said...

Lace pieces, like these shorts :

Maya said...

my favourite:

Maya Gooding

The Fashion Cloud said...

great giveaway dear!

I absolutely love the navy classic blazer they have


Jaz, Pachu & Dolo said...

I'm totally in love with your blog. I actually put some of your entries in mine but I wrote the rights of author at the end of every entry. Tell me if it bothers you..
Do you know the brand of Chloe's boots?


Valeria said...

Thank you so much for the giveaway!

I love this trench, is just perfect:


theartofbeingfashionable said...

Love the Pleated Belted dress... such a ladylike piece.. perfect for spring


Emma B. said...

My favourite pieces are the Leopard Print Bracelets (! I'm really into those kinds of bracelets right now... A great way to put some color and variation to my ordinary black outfits!

Emma Bengtsson

Matematyczno said...

This ANGELA DRESS is pretty amazing. loving it!
Aleksandra Bulka

Cylia said...

hey girl! this is an awesome giveaway I really want to take part of.

my favorite Style by Marina piece is definitely the ´Draped & Ruched Dress´ (


Lizzy said...

I would love to rock these pants, they're so romantic.

Mint Wide-leg pants (and they're in stock!)

Eugenia Vela said...

HI!! my favorite piece is the pleated chiffon trench coat! so beautiful.

my name is Eugenia Vela
email address:

lazyPanda said...

I really like that black sheer assymetrical skirt :)

My name is Lovise Rostad

Julia said...

I absolutly adore the lace layered shorts

My name is Julia
Email address:

Lumi said...

Hey !

This top is really cute !

Great blog !

Simina said...

This dress is great!

Lucile said...

I just love this dress

There also are other pretty cute dresses et nice accessories.

golgi said...

This skirt is soooo cute !
Great color for this summer !

ediot said...

such a brilliant giveaway! thanks for sharing. i like that site a lot.
would love to win this. i want this sweater "waffle sweater"
ediotshop at

Molly said...

so hard to choose.. so i chose two!

I love the angela dress, easy to throw on and look fantastic, plus it would transition easily from day to night

second is the beautiful scallop edge top. it is casual but the scallops bring it up a notch from basic to stylish with a touch of girly.

Perfect pieces for spring!

Anonymous said...

They have so many great items, but those shorts are the best!

Anonymous said...

My favourite Style by Marina piece would have to be these tailored shorts. They are absolutely adorable.

Adriana (

Ana Margarida said...

I'm in love with this lace collar blouse, it's just adorable :)

Ana Margarida

Anonymous said...

The Assymetrical Lace top has got to be the most amazing thing! I'd love to step outside in that.


Sara said...

Definitely this:

Can you say unique? YAY!

Nube said...

Leather trim trench coat, a classic staple with a twist:

britt said...

I have wanted lace shorts for so long and these ones are the BEST that exist!

I hope I win! I can't afford those price normally :( my email is

Jay said...

I like the scalloped edge top!

Stylised Dialogue said...

As far as dillemmas go this one's a killer.
But I think in the end the winner for me is the assymetric skirt


Настя said...

i love this Balloon fit loose shirt!!


charlene said...

What a wonderful giveaway! I love the blazers and the "chain layered bracelet" and the "Tayler bandage leggings" and the "draped and ruched dress". So hard to choose favorites.

Pick me!
xoxo Charlene Parker

The Humble Narcissist said...

Peaked pocket print skirt = needs to be in my wardrobe post-haste!


Charlene P. said...

What a wonderful giveaway! I love the blazers and the "chain layered bracelet" and the "Tayler bandage leggings" and the "draped and ruched dress". So hard to choose favorites.

Pick me!
xoxo Charlene Parker

rae said...

wow, there are such wonderful things on this website, that it really is hard to pick just one. I am really loving the Tiger t-shirt for casual wear and the Lace collar blouse for something a bit more dressy :)

<3 rae

Sara Johansson said...

I think my favorite piece is the Versatile shirt dress. It's amazing!


Nomadic D. said...

they have so much great stuff over there! I think in the end though I'd have to go with this blazer:

because I actually posted it on my blog a few months ago here:

That was when I first ran into style by marina and I love it!

Tereza Š. said...

wow, i cant´even pick just one piece..but I love this shorts!


esther said...

my fav is the drink drank drunk tee, well either that or the mint maxi skirt. That would be a beautiful outfit !!

love ya, esther xx

K N O C K Y O U F O R S I X said...

I'm loving the Layered Asymmetric Skirt:

Nicola Cook

Sarah said...

Gorgeous photos. I loce the pink skirt!



Anonymous said...

Definately this:

I can imagine transitioning this from the bitter Canadian cold spring we are having now, to a sweaty summer and then into the fall months. It's a really versatile piece and not too trendy that I will have to get rid of it any time soon.


Yuri Lee :)

jess said...

Definitely definitely the 'Le petit leopard blazer' - beautiful!
jess xx

Tori Hill said...

Asymmetrical layered skirt! So cute. So much I could do with it.


Thank You!

Anonymous said...

All knitwear I've seen is amazing.


bravegrrl said...

i love the broderie pattern blouse xo


Dandy said...

i love the pale pink lace layered shorts!!


Kaitlyn said...

I love love love either of the black asymmetric skirts - both the sheer and layered versions scream out to me, can't choose which I like better!



HeloiseR said...

the 3 way shirt dress (wow.) .... the 2 layer coat.... lamé blazer... crochet blouse... um everything?

you rock.

Heloise R

La Petite Marmoset said...

She has such great style!
La Petite Marmoset

SAMANTHA said...

I really love the asymmetric sheer skirt, it's so sexy and unique and can be dressed in so many different ways! :)

Breanne said...

love the metallic print skirt.. and also the gold glitter one yet its sold out :(


Anonymous said...

I love the maxi skirt!

jessica january said...

i love the tailored layered jacket, it's incredible.


Simone said...

Nude tailored jacked and faux leather shorts for sure.


jenhz said...

She looks good in anything. Her smile is her best accessory.

I adore her maxi look. It suits her quite well.


Irena said...

i love thin one:

Kei said...

The lace layered shorts are pretty awesome. They go perfectly with the whole 70s trend right now, but is still modern. Love love love.


Nikia said...

Definitely a hard choice, but if I had to pick one think it would be the faux leather biker jacket in grey.


Carolyn said...

This top is my fav!

Breahna said...

LOVE the asymmetric sheer skirt!
Breahna Tozer

Jaz said...

I love the Faux leather biker Jacket and the Tayler bandage leggings! Thanks!


crystal and kaleidoscope said...

asymmetric sheer skirt with leopard pocket blouse would be really nice for spring.

khairana dharmowiredjo

stefanyzelaya said...

I love their crotched tops!


Anonymous said...

I adore the green wide-leg pants!


mandyz said...

My favourite piece is the asymmetric sheer skirt!!


amanda said...

i love this crocheted top


name: Amanda


Maria Maliki said...

ahh i want

CINDY NGO said...

i absolutely love stylebymarina! so hard to choose... but i really like maxi skirts right now, so the sheer maxi skirts or the layered asymmetric skirts.

thanks so much for the opportunity & the giveaway :)


yk said...

"Layered band dress"

Pretty lil dress!

Coco said...

Has to be the dress with the leather trim to die for!

gih said...

two thumbs up! she's too pretty for me. I like her photos.


Kathrin said...

My favourite piece is the Angela Dress (


Natasha Kim said...

I love your blog so glad i have stumbled upon it ! hope you can find some time to check mine out.


Anonymous said...

I absolutly love "THE PETIT LEOPARD BLAZER" in black!


Hanna H.R said...

My favorite piece was the "Sheer Jump suit". It looks really comfortable and soft, and I like the soft pinkish colour. It is perfect! I can use it for anything.


Noeleen said...

mm love the roll-up sleeves blazer

noeleen _ a (without spaces)

Gloria said...

oooh, i love the faux leather biker jacket, and the printed maxi dress. summer city.


michelle_ said...

my favorite piece from Style by Marina is the lace layered shorts !

looks soooo romantic and pretty <3

Chloeee said...

Can't really decide between these two :D

Chloe H

Raluca said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the "leather trim trench coat:. It's perfect for a chilly spring or autumn day.The colour is gorgeous too.

Raluca Dumitru

Anonymous said...

It was really hard to choose just one piece! I really like the Angela dress, though.

Have a fun day!

Annie said...

her style is amazing

Mi said...

I love the wide-leg pants!! the coulor is amazing :)

Stahl said...

The Asymmetric sheer skirt is so beautiful, I love how the model is wearing it as well!

AlessiaInRainbows said...

I'm totally in love with this cardigan!


TathiSpacek said...


Tastes Eclectic Fashion said...

This lace maxi dress!


Anonymous said...

The Printed Maxi Dress!!!



Anonymous said...

This 2 Layer coat in khaki

Marianne Sørli,

sarajane said...

I love the Lace collar blouse!
Sara Brostmeyer

fisiwoman said...

My fav item is Jersey Top drawstring Dress.

Ana Belén R.M

Sian said...

My favourite is the Versatile Shirt Dress (

It's unusual, I haven't seen anything like it in another store, and it's not very similar to many pieces in the major trends this season.

Sian O'Carroll

Anonymous said...

I am in love with the Scallop cut top in Beige Pink and the Back button top in white! (the two items together add up to $100)

Annika Huish

Liv said...

the wide leg pant in a small and in black is my definite favorite :)

xoxo, liv

Kendr▲ said...

I love the draped dress, so pretty!


JP said...

i'm totally in love with this middle skirt!

kisses from Russia,
Juliet Polilova

Thuya said...

Wow wow I really love the Draped&Ruched Dress!


disordered disipline said...

I heart the classic & basic Balloon fit loose shirt !! <3 love it!!
Silvia Minola

Lisa said...

I really like the 'Two-tone mini dress'. simple but interesting pleating!


Fadia e Silvia said...

we "adore"..the pois shirt and shorts..

Hannah said...

I LOVEEEEEE The Maxi skirt, denim jacket, Lita platforms and floppy hat!!!

Thanks so much Yenny!


Simona said...

I love most of the things on this web page! :D but I´d like to have the Metallic print skirt :)


ashley nicole catherine said...

such a great giveaway! i'm loving all the candy-colored spring essentials!


Laine said...

AH love this maxi dress. It's perfection.

Damsels said...

i would want the versatile shirt dress
weweredamsels at gmail dot com

Laura said...

Thank you dear for this beautiful giveaway!

i love love love love the grey dress
it can be combined in so many ways. sexy, sophisticated, casually!
it's just great!

bubilina said...

Today - its the lace layered shorts. Tomorrow??

Danielle said...

I love this white dress!!! Im looking for one like this for a very long time :)


Thank you soo much!

Anonymous said...

These really cute shorts would make my summer! Teaming them with a sheer, dusty pink shirt and a pair of wedges would be so wonderful!
Crossing my fingers and toes! Thank's!

Sofia said...

Hi! These wide-legged pants have got the IT colour! I reeeally want them, so badly!
Thank u! :P

samantha said...

I love the silk blend side zip top!



j and k said...

The Vanessa belted shorts are definitely my favourites! They would go with everything!

Future War said...

I would absolutely adore to own the asymmetric sheer-skirt. Very on trend and just gorgeous!


Maria said...

The white tie up shirt, definitely a summer staple! Maria-

Kamila said...

It was a tough decision as everything they do is eye-candy, but I can't get Le petit leopard blazer out of my mind! I'd really love to have it in my closet!

Kamila Jablonska

LOIS said...

Oh I loe Style by Marina. I think my fav item would be the sheer jumpsuit.

love Lois xxx

Tri▲ngle said...

Beatrice Vita

Iris said...

my favorite piece has to be the High waisted bubble skirt in white :

Thanks so much for the giveaway!


Pralinka said...


my favourite item is Polka-dot dress! it's amazing

Mallory | The Storm in a Teacup said...

My favorite has to be the Printed Silk Shorts! So cute.

mallorysteacup @

Klein said...

My favourite piece is the Versatile shirt dress. Thanks, Judith

Ann Onymous said...

my favourite piece was the silk-chiffon crepe dress in nude :) perfect for summer!


Ellen - said...

I LOVE the plated maxi skirt :)

Ellen Nilsson, nilssonellen(at)

hélène said...

LOVE the polka dot blouse Frida is wearing in this post! :)



Erini said...

The Style by Marina has a wonderful collection. my favorite piece would have to be the chic white tailored jacket. It has a simplicity and elegance to it that I adore.

Name: Erini Tsatalos

Dominika said...

I'm in love with the printed maxi dress. Perfect item for a hot summer.

Name: Dominika Jamiołkowska

Marie said...

I love love love the lace layered shorts in the pink/nude colour. So amazing:

Hopefully I'll get the chance to score myself a pair!

Marie Foxall

Anonymous said...

I love the sheer top dress, it's so versatile.

Chloe Glover

getpalmd said... :)

Sara /

Sophie Stewart said...

Favourite STYLE BY MARINA piece - the cutout leather shorts - shorts are a must this season!

Sophie Stewart xo

Emy said...

Awesome giveaway!! Hard to pick but I really love the Versatile shirt dress!

collifornia said...

i lovee the Metallic print skirt!

colleen boudreau
holliister at gmail dot com

BrendaMireles said...

I love all the accessories but my favorite have to be the Leopard print shorts. They would be perfect change in my wardrobe

Brenda Mireles