Phil Oh


Melissa said...

that skirt! those shoes!!

SAMANTHA said...

WOW I love each piece. so beautiful!


Jessie said...

and what great details they are! i love the shoes and skirt photographed. amazing prints and styles.

Eliz said...

Oumaigaazh, that skirt is fantastic!

Vasilieva said...

perfection, gorgeous shots

Kimberly said...

great photos love the second and third one!

Emily Jean said...

oh man. i love those shoes.

flowercake said...

omg this skirt is so cute :P

leonie said...

OMG to that skirt! i want it!!

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Breanne said...

gorgeous shoes. such a lovely colour :)

Nyrha said...

That skirt is so perfect!!


Tamara said...

THAT SKIRT!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

The second skirt is so amazing!