Took me a awhile to get the post up for day 3 but here it is. Finally!

Loose messy buns always do it for me and Rachel pulled one off so effortlessly.

Tommy Ton, Phil Oh and Susie Bubble walking to the venue. I won't lie, I was a bit starstruck when I saw them.

Models walking to the show.

Jess's sky blue nails.

A model running off to her next show. Her outfit was really fun and mix matched.
Shame I couldn't get a good shot.

The Vogue Australia ladies and photographer Candice Lake. So immaculate.

Mandy is one of the most down to earth and funniest person I have ever met.
Already miss hanging out with her and the other girls.

Cutie Em in her bright fuzzy cardi and round white frames. I really love this pic.

Just a bit of good old shoe porn.

Really loving this bright pink skirt that Emily. She was such a sweetie pie!

The changing back drop at Stolen Girlfriends Club was really pretty.

How smart are the Stolen Girlfriends Club team? Their shoes didn't arrive on time so they just took
the shoes they used from last show, painted them and put some glitter over the top!
They look totally different, such a brilliant idea.

I managed to make it in time for my flight straight after the SGC show. I seriously thought
I was going to miss it. A bottle of diet coke and the latest issue of Oyster kept me happy on the plane.

Overlooking the beautiful Sydney night sky...

Now that's a wrap up from my time in Sydney. I had such a blast and I'm already set on returning next year...


BIEĊKA said...

Love this photos!


s said...

very nice pics ;D

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Vasu said...

amazing pictures


The Girl With a Feather said...

Yenny! These photos are amazing! I really wish I could see the front of those models' outfits :)

Inside my head and wardrobe said...

I love those photos ! love how different it is from your usual editorial pictures which i love also , but i love these ones a little more


be.aoi said...

amazing pictures!! love Em's one so much!

Victoria said...

Love the light blue nailpolish- just got mine done the same color!


dear mina said...

Great photos! Looked like so much fun:)

Jessie said...

love to see the abudance of self expression at these events. so fabulous.
xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

fashion and frank said...

Great pics - just been reading an article by Vanessa Jackman for Grazia IT on Candace Lake - loving that pic of her and the eds x

Cristiana Nunes said...

Amazing post! Some cool shots and items!

Kirsten said...

Such great pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

isabelle said...

looks like so much fun, wouldn't mind being there right now :)

patrycja2407 said...

Wonderful photos!!:)

Talia said...

Stunning photos!! I was totally wondering about the Stolen Girlfriend's Club shoes, ha, so rad. Gotta try that paint n glitter as well!

xxx Talia


the Art of being Fashionable said...

fun pictures.. i have the top she's wearing in the first photo.. love back draping on tops/dresses


Anonymous said...



Kimberly said...

amazing photos love those light blue miu mius!



beautiful photos! :D especially the one with the lady and the white sunglasses :D !


Vasilieva said...

gorgeous shots, amazing details


not your mother's fashion blog said...

Maybe this is a silly question, but... who is Em? She's got great style!

leonie said...

the issue of the LOVE mag is awesome



Elegantly Wasted said...

I've loved all your fashion week posts! Your pictures are very Ja&Jil-esque!

I am obsessed with power blue nail polish at the moment too.



Julie said...

Love the sky blue nails!!



You def captured some amazing photos! I absolutely adore your blog!