Guess what? Studded Hearts is 2 years old today! And what better way to celebrate it than to have a giveaway!
This time I've teamed up with the lovely team at Neon Harts, to giveaway a cute button up shirt and a pair of denim cut offs valued at $170.
Just for those of you who don't know, Neon Hart is a label that Aussie model Jessica Hart developed with
General Pants and it consists of really cute grungy pieces that are super wearable and it's now available in Selfridges!

Entering is simple as always, just let us know what you most like about Jess's style along with your name and email
in the comment section belowand we'll pick the most creative answer!
To get a better idea of her style check out her outfits in my previous posts here and her blog here.

One entry per email address and the giveaway ends 10pm 6th July AEST.


ADJ said...

Congrats! I am loving the images on your blog. Very inspirational!

Anonymous said...

Jess Hart's style rocks! Aussies represent x


collifornia said...

i love her style! it's funky and unique.

holliister at gmail dot com

Selina said...

I love especially her edgy style and this jeans on jeans look!

Michelle's Style File said...

I love that she breaks all the rules and adds a modern twist to every outfit.


Anonymous said...

i love how her outfits are cool, laidback and with the perfect amount of rock;)

charlotte - vintagepepsi at

Andrea said...

I am so in love with her style, what I find unique is her capability of mixing very rock'n'roll, grunge pieces such as Docs, black leather and studs with more feminine ones just like the flowered dresses with a touch of Aussie effortless coolness..but sometimes she likes to surprise us with some high style pieces looking so natural on her..
love it!


clare said...

I love the variety her style offers, she can wear a girly dress and add dr. martens, or converse to give it that grungy edge, or she can wear a great blazer with shorts or a skirt and wedges to dress it up a bit.
Either way, she's got mad style for sure.

Nora said...

Jessica always looks chic but with a rock/grungy vibe.What I love the most about her is how EFFORTLESS she always looks and how she incorporates trends in her own style, giving them her own twist.

Nora nora.cieol at hotmail . it

Anonymous said...

I love her versatility with her style!

XO Sahra

too young for fashion said...

first, i love jess' variety with her style, but a common theme she always pulls off is remaining sexy and chic!
remington rebeil


Wild Flower said...

J: Jean geanie!
E: Evolution
S: Sexy
S: Surreal
I: Iconic
C: Classic
A: Aced it!

H: Harmonious
A: Alluring
R: Refined
T: Totally bangin'

By Kate Williams

shu84 said...

nice looks

c.gilray said...

Oy, where to begin. Gorgeous and effortless, she is the perfect finite line between masculine and feminine. No matter how tattered her jeans are, there always seems to be a radiance of sophistication about her. She just gets it. And as soon as you see her you totally get it too.
cas gilray

Victoria said...

great style!
the shirt is so lovely boyish, and i really like to dress myself in that style at the moment.

greetings from germany,
Victoria Weise

carrie winans said...

love her clothes! she manages to capture a little bit of what every girl wants to be. The sophistication of the shirt has the power; the laid-back style of the shorts contains the wild side. I could see myself rockin both whenever!

Carrie Winans

Mrs. C said...

Her clothes are fabulous and I was introduced though your blog! They are casual yet have that touch of fabulous and fun! Can be dressed up or down! Love the leopard vest!
Recipes Fashion Marriage

Happy 2 years btw!

Pandalina said...

Happy anniversary!
I want every single piece Jessia Hart wears. Her style is my cup of tea exactly: simple but edgy, pairing grungy pieces with more chic,girly ones.
Jessica looks effortlessly cool and I must mention her makeup is also perfect, but simple!

Alina Trifan

Nita -Karoliina said...

I love her effortless look. I also made a post about her last august-->
She is one of my style icons!
nita-karoliina lappalainen

Dirty Hair Halo said...

<3 simple with a grungey twist <3

dirtyhairhaloblog [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dirty Hair Halo

LOIS said...

She is so laid back but chic at the same time. It's always so effortless :)
Love Lois Opoku xxx

caits said...

she is the epitome of laid back australian style and she still manages to look smoking hot rocking the simplest of all basics.


Chloeee said...

I love Jessica's style because I think she dresses very effortlessly, she could make the basics look special. She just oozes with a kind of vibe that says relaxed yet personalized.

Chloe H

Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly I love her easy independent style with some notes of grunge and her harmonious femininity. You know there's no reason to tell how much I like Jess and her style and to use many loud words.It's always hard to discribe your feelings about something that seems to be perfect.I respect Jess and her style taste and of course I would be very happy to get these gifts.



I like her effortless chic sense of style. she always looks put together yet it doesn't look like she spent hours on anything. just simple and fresh.

Bethany said...

She effortlessly combines a tomboy esthetic with a bit of rock and roll and modern style...her clothes look so easy to wear but totally stylish, too. I love her whole look :) Its a great prize for a lucky winner!!

Adrianna Traxler said...

She is always so effortless and honestly dresses like a real person. She doesn't need crazy big brand names to dress. She likes her casual pieces and she rocks them well.

Adrianna T.

Little Sable said...

I love so much your first outfit!
kisses from your follower ♡
With love Little Sable

Tereza Š. said...

bcs she´s gorgeous and can wear everything and look soooo goood!

Simone said...

i like that she doesnt give a fuck. (sorry about the language) she rocks chucks and doc martens more than anything else and looks great doing it. she doesnt need to prove anything by wearing impossibly high heels every time she goes to the grocery store. she owns her own style and would never apologize for it

Julie Khuu said...

I love that she's got a face of an angel but rocks a style so badass it's anything but sweet and angelic...look at that peekaboo leopard slashed under her shorts! So fabulous!

Thanks for the giveaway and Happy 2nd birthday!!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

purpleyawn said...

it's great that she mostly always chooses flat, comfortable shoes to go with her quite feminine outfits. the shoes always prevent the outfit as a whole from looking too put-together or predictable.


Anonymous said...

Jessica's style is just everything I love about fashion. It's unique, feminine, comfortable and always looks so well put together without trying hard. Definitely a wardrobe I envy :)

Kait said...

What I love about Jessica Hart's style is that she evades trite, one-dimensional styles. She's not "sexy", or "minimalist" - you can't put your finger on it, and that's what makes her style seem so effortless and immaculate at the same time. Through her clothing, she manages to overcome the confinement of herself, instead making her clothing into a palette for self-expression - avant garde, flirty but simultaneously rugged, bold yet understated. She wears little that imposes itself, nothing loud, and yet she is striking. I think the beauty is that she manages to encompass within her wardrobe everything that a woman can be, rather than regaling us to one aspect of ourselves - that is true style. The beauty of her style is its enigma - Jessica Hart escapes definition.

Jay said...

Omg, I would give anything to have her wardrobe! Her style is so dressed up and dressed down at the same time. And she always adds a little touch to it. She owns her own style :)


Anonymous said...

I <3 Hart. Her style inspires me to be brave with my own wardrobe. Her outfits are laid back but still excitable. But mainly, I think it is her killer stems that make every outfit look gorgeous.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow, she became my newest fashion inspiration. The thing i like the most about her style is that she matches easily cute, girly dresses with martens or converse. She looks lovely & super comfy at the same time.

hilary said...

When she dresses, you can tell it's not for anyone but herself which is real style. it's a love of grunge and beauty that most people strive for that she does way too effortlessly.


monnn said...

congrats on the 2 years!

love how j. hart can always rock simple style with a twist funk!


Morgan said...

An ode to Jessica Hart

Jessica Hart knows what's good
She is stylin' in her fur hood

When it comes to sequin pants
Those Marant's put us in a trance

She is always rockin' a pair of Doc Martens
This girl knows the trends she's startin'

Her her blonde hair fills girls with envy
Jess is so effortless it drives the boys crazy

She has got some insane style
She can pull it off with one flash of a smile

Her wardrobe always fills me with inspiration
Jessica Hart is the next sensation

Morgan Von Steen

Who is gran's loose change? said...

Jess is a fusion of rock 'n 'roll, grunge and girly. And looks hot as hell in any genre.

Kiia said...

Jess is amazing because she looks so fashionable even if she is wearing basic clothes. Her style rocks !

Wildthingsrunfast said...

I love how her I-Don't-Give-A-F&%$! style is completely an expression of her personality. She rocks it so hard, that it makes you gasp for air and say "Damn, I could do that if I didn't work in an office". How the Hell does someone make an INSIDE-OUT OVERSIZED MAN'S SHIRT LOOK HOT?!

What I love about her style, is that she does what everyone wishes they could do. She simply wears her clothes like they are an extension of her personality, and that quite simply rocks.

Rebecca said...

pure down town goodness, need i say more?

name - rebecca
e-mail -

jilliangarner said...


-jill (

Cristiana Nunes said...

Congratulations! I really enjoy your blog posts! Keep up with the good work! I love the shorts put together with the shirt!

kassie said...

Hi! My name is Kassie! I just wanted to say first that I adore your blog and all that you do so don't stop doing it! The thing I respect the most about Jessica Hart's style is that it's effortless. Each of her looks has this quality to them that doesn't make them seem overdone or too thought out. There's no rigidity to her style, but rather a fluidity that changes seamlessly with her personality and mood. I really hope I win! I've been coveting for the perfect pair of cutoffs and these are (absolutely) amazing. Plus, I have a pair of leather trousers that need that button up blouse to go with it!

Coco said...

I love Jessica's heart style as it is true to her. She is at ease, it's not too put together, it's a little bit undone. I love a girl who is not too high maintenance, that tousled hair and fresh face makes it more relateable, it's those legs that go on for miles that remind us that Jess is not a mere mortal. Little girl, feminine dresses resist whimsy, due to pairing with studded bags or masculine or boots (or both!). I always respect a woman who is amazingly good looking but doesn't rely on dressing overtly sexy to exploit that, she redefines what is sexy, and dresses for herself and her comfort, fulfilling only her desired aesthetic. Her looks may be a genetic accident, but her sartorial accomplishments are all her own!

Coco said...

Forgot to include my e-mail address
Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.
Good luck all!

alannah. said...

happpppy 2nd birthday studded hearts :) perfect to include jess hart in this ;) x

midnightdelite said...

Hi! My name is Cassie, and i loe Jessica's style. She looks effortlessly chic, mixing simple with the daring. I like that she has a sense of minimalism with her clothes and in her overall appearance ie. fresh faced and no makeup with messy but stylish hair. I really like that she dresses with simple and plain pieces and then chooses one piece that really stands out and makes her look pop. I think she brings together a L.A. laid back feeling with a European sense of style as well. Love it, and she makes it look so natural :)

Thanks for all the giveaway!
my email:

Juliet Walker said...

I love Jess's style because it is so effortless, but she always looks amazing with the add of some grunge pieces she manages to pull it off every single time. I always turn to her tumblr for some inspiration for outfits for festivals and casual outfits. She is truly amazing! With the edition of Neon Hart it is great get to some pieces that are minimal but also some that can create a difference to a whole outfit.

thanks for a beautiful giveaway.


Selena said...

Dressed to the teeth -
Jess Hart has recently struck me with her cultivated fashion sense, glowing features and her knockout fashion label 'Neon Hart' which can be shopped online at General Pants.

Selena said...

My email addy is X

Brooke said...

Her HUGE collection of vintage rock t-shirts makes me insanely jealous. Her Style is so rad coz she has a laid back cheeky confidence that would make a hessian sack look fine as hell.

Sinful Imperfection said...

i love her....

Rachel said...

I love her effortless style - how she manages to embody this effervescent sense of "cool". Her style is inspiring because it's minimalistic, but with her own twist on it. Basically, I wish I had her style. Thanks for the giveaway(:

Rachel Park

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I've been a big fan of your blog from the beginning!

I also love that top!


fostaaah said...

First off, her brows are killer and I love a girl that rocks the space in her teeth! Secondly, her style is so unique! She has such a great mix going on.. fun, sexy, grungy daring, boyish and quirky all balled up. Loving this girl! And her line is AMAZINGG! Couldn't have asked for two better pieces for this giveaway. The top is a must-have and those shorts, a step up from the norm!


samantha rae said...

jessica hart's style gives that 'i don't care what anyone thinks' vibe. she always looks beautiful while appearing to be wearing no makeup. she rocks comfy shoes most of the time and pairs it with both casual and chic little dresses. no matter what she is wearing shes giving off that grungy 'i don't give a f***' attitude.
she's such a cool chick!

Anonymous said...

love the simplicity and detail exposure.

KDS said...

It's amazing how she can mix feminine and masculine and have it look so effortless...she makes it look like a breeze!
She obviously has an eye for it X

Anonymous said...

Style (n.)
1. A comfortable and elegant mode of existence: living in style.
2. A quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one's actions and tastes: does things with style.

BOHEMIAN GRUNGE WITH A SPLASH OF CHIC. All put together effortlessly. The perfect combination.

Rock on JH!


Anonymous said...

ilove the fact that jess can incorporate soft, cute girly pieces to rock and roll grungy items into one outfit. Her style is so versatile that anyone can wear. Her knowledge of other countries and cultures really do shine through her style.

mjlien said...

Jess has killer style, she uses hot new fashion trends and makes them her own with pops of color, accessories, and creatively altering fabrics and designs!

Jess rub some of that style off on me!

Meghan -

Anonymous said...

I love how effortless her style is. She seems to just throw on a cool tee and a worn-in pair of Converse or Docs and look fantastic. Also she is very good at balancing grungy and girly, never going too over-the-edge with either end of the spectrum.


Heather said...

I love how Jess can always seem so pulled together in such a grungy way. She rocks the basics with sneakers and yet ads her own touch in every outfit. Her style may not mash with many other people, but nonetheless, she is still looked at as being a source of inspiration for effortless style.

Heather Hamilton

monkeyshines ♥ said...

dandy pieces! especially the leopard vest!

∞ thao said...

The thing I love about Jess's style is that she has variety, she can go from bohemian to sophisticated in just a days time and her outfits always has a touch of Australian flair.

email: thao-thao[@]

Cylia said...

What I most like about Jess's style is that every outfit she wears, it seems like she just woke up with it. Her style is not forced, you can tell it's her own, you can tell she wears whatever she likes and I like how she's not afraid to look too boy-ish or change flats for heels in the night and look absolutely STUNNING with absolutely almost no make-up on. She gets that little changes make the outfit -> the simple the better, but in way fashionable knowledge kind of way than just follow those minimilastic stuff trend going on.


Anonymous said...

What I love most about her style is that it's not only that superhyped designer+vintage-pieces-mix you see on every celeb... her style really seems to be HER style, sometimes it's uberedgy, another time she's wearing rather sporty and simple clothes...
xx nathalie

Anonymous said...

I love the way Jess rocks a pretty, feminine and fashionable dress with a pair of old worn out dirty chucks. Its just femme fatale meets sandalot kids.




Anonymous said...

I love her perfection,her hippie.chic.rock style is an ispiration!

The Pills said...

i love her effortless style. she always can pull up everything with the chic way. anyone can look up to her for an easy peasy daily style without looking 'too much'. she really know how to rock the floral dress with a studded converse.


khairana supanto

Anonymous said...

her teeth! and laid back aussie look

vicki said...

my fav thing in her style is the combination of diffrent styles and rock'n'roll, she's wearing mini floral dress with studded sneakers or dr.mrtens or floral maxi skirt with big and loose rock band's t-shirt, she does it perfectly! and another thing is she is so pretty (like all aussie girls btw...) ! :)


murrr said...

She's an up-town, down-town girl. Pairing oxfords and ripped denim, she embodies polar opposites while bringing them together with chic, effortless flair.

Not afraid of mismatching, she also focuses on floral prints in unique textures. I can see her wearing a chiffon blouse with roughed up corduroy shorts. Or perhaps an old cotton shirt with a lacy sheer skirt and scuffed brown boots.

Maybe it's that Australian sunshine, or the Pacific that makes her style so unique and special. Whatever it is, I'll just say that I am so happy to see someone display ferocity and fearlessness in the way she dresses. In a shrinking world, being oneself is more important than ever.

Georgia said...

I just like the way she could simply change her shoes and be dressed for anywhere

Sasha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sasha said...

Any girl who wears Docs and chucks-not just towering heels- deserves attention.

That aside, she's got this way of straying from traditional boxes of 'style'; she mixes what would normally be different aesthetics and makes each her own. And she does it wonderfully, making it her own. This sort of style will ALWAYS be viewed as effortless and real.


Anonymous said...

I guess what i like the most in Jess's style is her way to give a touch of rock'n'roll to every piece she wears . With her angel face, it creates a nice contrast which i really love .

( Excuse me if i've done any mistakes but i'm French ... ^^ )

Love your blog btw.

Roro said...

Who doesn't love a bad ass? She's got the most perfect edgy chic style I have ever seen.

roxyroro95 [at] gmail [dot] com

renéesturme. said...

Easy: only her gap-tooth smile already reaches far up in the style-scale! It's a thing you can't really create or alter, so she was litterally born with style.

Debora said...

Fabulous !!!

my mail :

Francesca said...

Jess has a wonderfully unique sense of style; she has the ability to make everything she wears look both extraordinary & utterly effortless at the same time. She also has an inspired way of mixing eclectic pieces without losing her very strong sense of self.

Shelby said...

love the gap in between her teeth so cute! definitely should'nt have closed mine up with braces when i was younger


Karinoula said...

Happy Anniversary!

Hart knows how to make a simple outfit look effortlessly amazing! The way she pairs a cute floral romper with combat boots or converse proves that style is not about pairing great individual pieces together, but taking an old pair of levi's for example, and matching them with a pair of wedges, a simple T and a great tote! So girly, yet so edgy!

Hart can make a pair of Havaianas look stunningly gorgeous, just by the way she wears them with a beautiful top and mini shorts with her luscious blonde locks simply making the outfit look more pretty. But she can also sport her famous dr.martens with vintage ray bans and look so Rock and Roll.

She is wonderful. Her style is revolutionary. Did I go too far? Probably not. Because she's awesome.

LadyCore said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LadyCore said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kimberly said...

i love her style because of the edge it has it's not too over the top but still keeps it interesting and fun, she mixes things up and pairs things together most people wouldn't, hope that was good enough

i love love love love her style!!

Veronica said...

she is still feminine even with a male look

Daniela said...

Jessica Hart is such a natural beauty and she doesn't have to try hard to look beautiful! I love all the risks she takes from wearing converse and combat boots with girly dresses to casual wear turned evening on the red carpet! :)


KaLi said...

Ms. Hart is just freaking amazing, she has a grungy dark but simple style that everybody fall in love with her. Belleza natural! (natural beauty!)


smmtty said...

I love the way she mixes it up. From different textures, to the grungy mixed with femanin. The name is fabulous as I think it grabs you. I would love to win....I never win anything:-)

smmtty at gmail(dot) com

Sophie Matters said...

Bohemian, edgy, unique, rock 'n' roll; these are the words that come to mind when I think of Jess Hart and her hot style! It's unique and fab how she wears a mixture of feminine and edgy pieces. Neon hart reflects her gorgeous style perfectly! Happy second birthday studdedhearts!

Sophie M -

Sarah Angel said...

I really like that her style is a bit of everything, though its obvious it has a personal edge. Kind of the Australian version of Mary-Kate and Ashley cloned into one :) basic pieces of clothes teamed with more "fun" items, all clashed together with a dash of sensuality..I like it!

Francesca said...

Jessica managed to get a guy like Nicholas Potts(!!!), and even if I'm pretty sure her key succes factor wasn't her style (she's a supermodel, hello!), maybe wearing her clothes would help me! hahahah


Chelsea said...

I love how effortless Jessica's style is. It always looks like she puts little thought into it, but it turns out looking so cool and easy. In my opinion she's the only person who can pull off her look!


Sophie said...

I admire her edgy style and am envious of her ability to pull off absolutely anything!

Sophie P

Jan said...

Those shorts are great!

Elena said...

She's definitely one of the representatives of the cool, laid-back, Australian style. Loving the fact that she can pair rock grunge pieces,like Docs, with polka dot dresses, or sundresses with converse. The combination of the straight blonde hair, alongside with the gap in her teeth and the killer body, make everything on her look effortlessly cool.

Happy Anniversary!

natalie said...

What I like most about Jessica Hart's style would be how she combines the care-free Aussie attitude with her own wicked edge. It seems effortless but totally stunning.

name: Natalie

Anonymous said...

I love that her style is so effortless, she always looks so carefree and comfortable and she has this unqiue look that is very 'Jess' but along with all of this she manages to still look so on trend. It's as if things are stylish because she is stylish and that's what I love.

AskMichaelCohen said...

Want to look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? Find out how to STEAL her style here:

Ida said...

She never does anything wrong, everything looks so freaking rock and roll

ida aguilar

Damsels said...

i definitely love how carefree her style i .. she doesnt overthink it .


weweredamsels at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Why i love Jess's style is because it is the epitome of edgey rock and aussie ease. You can tell she is comfortable in what she is wearing as well as who she is - and that is what style essentially is.


Anonymous said...

I love it. The "dgaf" style...she wears what ever she loves together and it completely works every time. Not many people could put together outfits like this and make it work. <3
Gabriela_Elkins@yahoo .com

Anonymous said...

i love her indieness and how she wears the right clothes for the right time. & how she so easy and cool in everything that she wears! wish that was me

Diya said...

I love how she doesn't dress 100% like the other models. Also, I just love her nonchalant attitude!


lazyPanda said...

I love that her style manages to perfectly combine casual and comfortable while still being sexy.
The fact that it's also super wereable makes her a great style icon

Great blog btw

maria eugenia said...

i love it that she takes risks and she always rock it!

Anonymous said...

that's my email

yo soy de jupiter said...

setting aside the fact that the girl has killer style, her photographs are awesome!!! I like the fact that she records the places she's been to and let's us travel along with her!!!

RambleOn said...

I really like Jessica Hart's style because I am quite similar in my own style. She doesn't dress in just one 'trend' or brand or style, she mixes everything up to create an eclectic and interesting mix of sparkly and grungy, girly and down-to-earth. The way she dresses isn't meant to ostracize or intimidate us fashion followers; her style ends up inspiring and provokes us to invite creativity into our own style.


Tri▲ngle said...

she rocks!

Anonymous said...

love her style!

Mallory | The Storm in a Teacup said...

I think what it is about her style is that she wears some more grungy, tomboyish things, but she always balances it out, if not with some other item, then with her hair. She's still pretty even when she's grungy, and that's hard to do.

mallorysteacup @

LadyCore said...

I ♥ heart ♥ Jessica's style cuz it brings me back to & reminds me of:
✿boys in bands,
✿mixed tapes,
✿blown out speakers,
✿polaroid cameras,
✿messy hair,
✿feathered earrings,
✿combat boots,
✿ripped denim,
✿tan lines,
✿skinny dippin,
✿hippie trippin,
✿bare feet,
✿road trips,
✿ray bans,
✿getting dirty,
✿heart to hearts
it reminds me to continue to live in the moment!! ♀

Name: Corey

** To Studded Hearts~>Please Note that i did originally post this last week but when browsing the site today i noticed that i forgot to leave my email address as you asked us to & so i have reposted this, BUT PLEASE do not count this as 2 posts as i deleted the original one & i would have just edited the original & added my email but it wouldnt let me edit it, but again,i deleted the original so i AM only posting this once. Thank You (wink wink) **