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Tattoologist has pics of the coolest tattoos.
I always wanted a feather tattoo that followed the curve of my ear.
This had made the desire to get it even stronger.


Briana said...

i love the second one; am i mistaken, or is it origami? either wway, very cool.


Sami said...

The photo one is to die for!

Anonymous said...

I'm not one for tattoos, but I adore the feather below the collarbone!


Em and Ry said...

i absolutely love the tatts. this blog is great.

leflassh. said...

oh man, this makes me want to go get another tatt.
love love feather tattoos and the origami + dreamcatcher tats are awesome.

shae said...

these are all so beautiful and creative! I have always wanted a feather tat. looove them!! the dream catcher too!


Tattoologist said...

Thank you so much for this post! It's a huge deal for me.
You have been inspiring me since the day I started blogging!

apparellel said...

that would be a beautiful tattoo on you!


Lu†lu said...

mm love the bones tattos!

pearl said...

should go for it! :)


Karoline said...

Go for it! I also want one so bad, but I'm afraid for my career as a model.

luciana said...

I love them!

Unknown said...

Wow. I love these tattoo's.
Thanks for sharing.

sunsetcigarettes.. said...

love this post! definitely good motivation to get my tattoo sorted xx

Anonymous said...

Can u please find more streetstyle of this girl and make a post: http://carolinesmode.com/stockholmstreetstyle/art/184799/emma/

I really want to see more on her style but I don't know where to find!

Thanks for an amazing blog!

Yevgeniya Yelkina said...

sooo coool!!!


Unknown said...

Such beautiful images!

Evelina Söderberg said...

OMG I love you blog! Read it every day! So much inspiration!

rouli said...

cool tattoos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


want want!!!!!!!



FBJ said...

amazzinng love the dream catcher tattoo!


franca maisha said...

very inspiring! you actually collected a few of my favourite ones from Tattoologist! :) thanks for sharing!


daisy kate said...

I definitely definitely don't need any more tattoos, but this has got me desperate for more! I blame you! :)

Please take a look at my brand new blog, Fashion Stereotype I've followed your blog for ages now and would really appreciate any feedback or advice you may have :) Thank you!

Lin and Haily said...

The spine tattoo is really awesome thats a cool idea


Sarah said...

so very cool! i love all of these :)

Laura said...

I love the eagle on her neck!



I'm so chicken but I do like the idea of feathers. I'd go henna though..


Variations on a seam said...

I love the world map on the girls back!

I got a tattoo on my back (just a little one!) when I was 18 - I wish I had thought about more carefully before it was made permanent! .....Still - it reminds me everyday to make decisions wisely

Enjoy your blog immensely XX

Emily and Abigail said...

lusting all of these.. i'm so obsessed! great post :)


Margaux said...

Awesome tattoos.

thehautepursuit said...

hey girl. I spent like 3 hours going through the blog and saving photos for my future tattoos. YOU are a BAD influence...hehe i kid i kid. do u have a tat already? I want so many more now...like two at a time!

amaturecouture said...

the feather is my favourite!!!

i love your blog!!


Oh my Dior! said...

nice tatoos love them all!!


fashion clocked said...

so cool- i am in love with these- such clean lines- heaven! The feather is so delicate- i have been thinking of a quill pen for a little while now..... heading over to the site!call by sometime! fashion clocked Katie.xx

storyzoo said...

completly amazing!!

caylee said...

i want more tattoos too (and i want to get rid of the one i already have...), and you're right, looking at these just intensifies my want/need for them!
who knows if i'll ever actually do it!

your dream tattoo sounds incredible.

Style Stars said...

the skeleton/spine tat--so COOL!!



Katey said...

I want those cameras!! must have soon :D