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the cobra shop

I having a bit of a down day today.
What do you guys do to make yourself feel better on down days?
I tried chocolate ice cream and it isn't working.


j.fonte said...

I head to the park with a boombox and picnic.

And if the weather doesn't permit, then I eat grilled cheese and tomato soup and watch really funny movies.

hope things look up for you!

Tiger Katelin said...

Jogging and a good shower, and then go out with friends and have some drink. Or, recently it works for "its complicated", new movie by Meryl Streep..not like a classic movie but definitely a good laugh!

hope that helps you! :)

Tiger Katelin said...

if you wonder where to find the movies, ill help you. :P

bravegrrl said...

i drink more coffee than i should... it makes everything a little better :) good movies are always good... looking at pretty pictures on the net :D


Victoria Lorraine said...

go for a jog or visit the gym! listening to your favourite music.

I love the photos on this post!

JoeyAna said...

I go thrift store shopping or hanging out with my best gals! I hope you feel better!
I recently started following your blog and now I am hooked!


Enya said...

I go shopping and buy myself something pretty. Although there is the danger of a failed shopping trip where nothing fits you and you end up empty handed and even sadder :( Otherwise I take a nice long shower followed by a facial mask and chocolate in bed.

I love love love your blog :)

Laura said...

Trawling through fashion blogs always makes me giddy :)

How I met your mother marathons are also pretty awesome.

Sequins♡Sparkles said...

listening to some good (happy) music always makes me feel better or you can go shopping? that can help maybe?

great post btw!

Georgia said...

Haha I just posted some cobrasnake pictures! I love him
I would recommend a really long hot shower, cheese on toast and re-runs of your favourite television show. Or a good book.. Hope this helps!
It would be mine

Anonymous said...

down days seem to be a trend this week; try to spend time with friends, it usually helps me, especially music and dancing!
Love Atlanta!

Anonymous said...

DEFINITELY DON'T go to the gym or for a jog. it just makes things worse and then you're all sweaty and tired and the endorphin thing is BS. just sit. mope around the house. watch things like project runway and family guy. eat lots of food and don't feel guilty because ONE day isn't going to change anything. paint your nails and voice your negative opinions about everybody that you hate. it doesn't matter if you sound bitchy, it's an obviously bad day. go to sleep late. i hate being told to go to sleep early. do whatever you want because this is your day, your life, your body. if you have one, hug a dog. they make things much better. oh, wand wear socks. nothing better than snuggly socks.

LagrandegentilleLou said...

Love Rachel and her rings :D

Fashion Chalet said...

A new mixed playlist for my ipod which I listen to in bed and flipping through fash mags. Also, guilty pleasure reality tv. :)

Feel better, sweetie.

ATL is so beautiful <3


Ciao Bella said...

on down days, i just make a yummy bowl of white trash(chexmix, white chocolate, M&M's(not too healthy but its delish!)), look through some of the magazine's i've saved over the years, and watch Golden Girls. but i hope your day gets better sweetie.

its so weird that atlanta is only a year or something older than me.

ALIOMI said...
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ALIOMI said...

I usually call that friend, you know, the one who seems to get it all? seeing people helps, they help get your mind off of it. sometimes a little retail therapy helps momentarily, also the gym, snuggling to stealing beauty, working on a DIY project, keeping your hands busy can be really therapeutic, etc.

i sometimes write about it & most importantly, allow yourself to be down sometimes. it's only healthy, you can't know what happiness is without ever having been truly sad.

and this quote:
"Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final" --Rilke

Sending sunshine your way

Anonymous said...

listen to Groove is in the heart by D-Lite or watch Coming to America xx

Catherine said...

beautiful pics xx

Frazoa, Filipa said...

Hear my favourite songs, eat chocolat and ice cream as well and see some comedy movies

tiny-lights said...

Doughnuts cure me ;)

Keep Turning On:

Marjorie said...

She gets it right every time :)
I sit and draw special things to blog.
Design outfits that retailers will have to work to fill.
Bake a cake for somebody else.
go for a run :)
stop by some time xx

Anonymous said...

I love this model and have seen her in a few blogs that I follow but cannot find her name?

cla-sib said...

when i have a bad day i listen to my favorite music and write something down. call my friends or take a walk =)

gorgeous pics..

xoxo cla

Rebecca said...

put on really comfy pajamas, get on the couch, and watch your favorite movie or watch marathons of your favorite shows

you really can't go wrong with that

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

Aw cheer up! Go watch a feel good comedy! They always cheer me up :)

The Opposite of Vulgarity said...

A good walk with great music and a long back. Hope you're out of your funk.

Fashion Chalet said...

Your comment just made my DAY! :)
Thanks, and so happy to hear you're feeling better now.


caylee said...

i'm sorry yenny, but i'm glad to hear that now all is better!
i'd say next time, maybe a new pair of shoes will do the trick? =)

Liv said...

I go to the movies by myself... so I can basically fall off the face of the earth for a couple of hours, get completely absorbed in something other than myself and bonus, I don't have to share my popcorn. By the time the movie's over, I usually feel way better.

Ane Kamilla said...

Is it just me who thinks she looks like Rachel Bilson? :p

To make me feel better I buy all the candy that can fill my stomach, and a bit more, and watch episode after episode of my favourite series (one tree hill, gossip girl, the oc, sex and the city. Doesnt always help, but then I can switch my mind of and think about something else

bri. said...

when i feel down. i write lists.
lists of things that make me feel happy. or goals. or things to do. or fun restaurants i want to try. or plan fun things to do for the week. or i spend money on knick knacks i dont need....the list goes on and on...

i find your blog quite the inspiration! interested in a link exchange with D E S I G N L O V E F E S T
?? i sure hope so.

xx Bri