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Thanks everyone for all your sweet comments and advice.
I was just having one of those no-particular-reason crap days that passes by once in awhile.
That night I ended up having a nice long hot shower and the next day I went op shopping to the markets with a friend and had gelati together.

Now I totally feel myself again :D

Source: Red Leather Yellow Leather


Catherine said...

love your blog <3

sharissa said...

Hey! Just wondering where this store is? In melbourne?
It's brilliant!

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

This IS vintage heaven! I'm glad you're feeling better! We'll head to Camberwell again soon and find us some lace and steal that blue velvet dress :)

Studded Hearts said...

to sharissa: believe it or not, it's actually someones wardrobe :)

to tiffany: i am seriously going to get my hands on that velvet dress someday haha


midnight bloom said...

thats someones wardrobe?! my heart is full of envy!

pauline said...

oh my gosh.. the sunglasses! the shoes!!!!

Apple Daisy Girl said...

i am going to cry, some has that as their wardrobe :)

xx. A

le pearl said...

I need to know where this place is! lol

heaven <333

Candice said...

i would love to have THAT as my closet.
i hope you're feeling good again? A good laugh always makes me feel better!

Luxi said...

ohmygod. I am sickened with jelously, to whoever owns this wardrobe!!


Sequins♡Sparkles said...

awesome pics! great post.

Luxe. said...

Makes me want to have a good old rummage!.x

Fashion Chalet said...

Showers always wake up and renew me too. Love that you're back on track, doll. :)


Dreamy said...

oo a treasure trove! can't believe thats someone's wardrobe!

Grace said...

Hey sweetie, thanks so much for the feature - could you possibly credit me for this though?? I'd really appreciate it.